Ride 365

Ride 365

Click here for Ride 365 page. In Ride 365, if you click on each mileage reading, you can see your annual and lifetime mileage status and how

many mile to next milestone.

It's important to get your milegae read in by the dealership as early as possible, January 1st or later to establish your initial mileage for the year.

You must also have your last reading done no later than Dec 31 for your final milegage.  You can get it read as many times as you like inbetween

and any dealership should be glad to read your mileage. You will need your HOG ID number and the bike, some dealerships will allow a photo of 

the odometer and VIN number. If you have multiple Harley bikes, they all count toward your annual and lifetime mileage.

There are also rewards, $50 for 2500 annual miles and $100 for 10,000 annual miles and well as other goodies.

FYI - these gift cards expire rather quickly so plan accordingly. 

HOG will send you mileage pins and patches for your vest, and other goodies for acheiving certain annual mileage thresholds.

The Ride 365 page also has links for the HOG Challenge rides, at the bottom there are individual bike mileage status, you can also upload a picture

of your bike to the site.