HOG Points

HOG Points

HOG Points (Formally HOG Bucks) will be automatically
awarded for attending meetings, events, voluteering, and
rides. A Chapter Ride to a separate event will receive points

for both events. HOGScan will keep track of your points
throughout the year but you must be checked in at events.

Riding a bike or driving a chase car in support of the ride
receives same amount of points, driving a car separately to
an event will only get points for the event not the ride.
Everyone must have a HOGScan account to receive points.

During the Christmas party the person with the
most points will win a $75 gift card. Second and Third
place with receive $50 gift card. Forth through tenth
will receive $25 gift card. This will reward the people
fairly for their participation in the club. Below are how the
point will be awarded.

Steel Horse HOG Event Primary Rider Passenger
Renew Membership before Februray Meeting 20 20
First time member/Refer 1st time member 10 10
Attend Chapter Meeting 10 10
Attend Chapter Event 10 10
Attend Chapter Ride 10 10
Lead Chapter Ride/Sweep 10 + ride points Ride points
Attend Chapter Overnight Ride 10/day 10/day
Road Captain, Event Planning Meeting 10 10
Volunteer at HOG/Dealer/Browns Island Events/Xmas basket 20 20
Attend Chapter Challenge 20 20
Attend Regional HOG Rally 20 20
Attend Other HOG Rally 20 20
Attend Officer Meeting (NP*) 10-NP*    5-PO** 10-NP*    5-PO**
ROC Training 10-NP*    5-PO** 10-NP*    5-PO**
Write Articles for NewsLetter 10 10

*NP - Non-Primary Officers      **PO - Primary Officers (Director, Asst Director, Treasurer, and Secretary)

Budget 475