50 Rides 1 Nation

50 Rides 1 Nation is a HOG Challenge ride that has an interesting ride in each of the 50 states.

HOG will give you a challenge coin for each ride you complete.

I have found the roads that lead to the challenges to be as good or even better than the ride challenges.

Another lesson learned is that the check point is not always where they say it will be, so be flexible, HOG is not 

crazy strict, just as long as you get the check point in the picture.  Example, many of the check points are Park 

signs, they are rarely where the challenge says they are but if you can find one it's acceptable.

You can view the rides with the Ride Planner. 


1) You must take a picture of you with the HOG Membership guide cover or the Ride Guide in front of the check point.

I used the membership guide in my binder and have both ride challenges in the same binder. 

The current year membership guide will work for all challenges.

2)  Upload the picture to HOG.com/Ride365. 

*You do not need your bike in the picture*