Chapter Officer Duties

Steel Horse HOG Chapter Officer Responsibilities


  1. Chair officer and chapter meetings
  2. Host breakfast with the Director before monthly meetings
  3. Liaison with dealership and chapter for events and support
  4. Liaison with events for Brown’s island volunteering events
  5. Submit policies for the chapter to the officer’s board for review
  6. Setup for monthly meetings, Friday prior
  7. Ensure safety of events and rides
  8. Monitor activities boards, fall picnic, and Christmas party

Assistant Director

  1. Fill in when Director is unavailable
  2. Support and promote the Regional Rally
  3. Support and promote the Chapter Challenge
  4. Setup for monthly meeting, Friday prior
  5. Ensure safety of events and rides
  6. Promote membership and retention
  7. New membership orientation
  8. Input into events and activities such as fall picnic and Christmas party


  1. Collect and disburse chapter funds
  2. Financial reports to dealership/officer board
  3. Ensure compliance with HOG and tax requirements
  4. Input into events and activities such as fall picnic and Christmas party


  1. Administering and maintaining meeting minutes
  2. Annual reports, membership reports, insurance and legal documentation
  3. Ensure legal records are maintained at dealership for 7 years
  4. Input into events and activities such as fall picnic and Christmas party


  1. Update the website with current events, rides, etc. (request for events, require start/finish addresses and times, activity, and purpose, 48 - 72 hours in advance)
  2. Add new members to website, email address is important 
  3. Send out emails as needed to events and reminders for important volunteer events
  4. Improve the website, with the goal to encourage people to use it as an information resource.

Activities Officer

  1. Plan, promote, and administer chapter events

Road Captain

  1. Assist in planning rides
  2. Plan and manage Road Captain meetings
  3. Ensure compliance with chapter safety policies for rides

Safety Officer

  1. Provide safety information to chapter members
  2. Input on safety policies
  3. Promote safety policies


  1. Obtain and organize chapter images for communications and website
  2. Post chapter photo to website or provide to webmaster for posting


  1. Prepare and maintain the history of the chapter

Membership Officer

  1. Assist Secretary in chapter membership duties (collecting applications, dues, updating local and national records)
  2. Report on current membership status
  3. Ensure valid email address on file is associated with the member