Chapter Meetings

Usually we have sign in sheets for each meeting.

You get points or HOG bucks for all events and you will be given a raffle ticket for each HOG buck you accumlated during the year. During the Christmas party raffle tickets will be drawn for various prizes and gift cards during the evening.

We are moving away from HOG bucks and replacing them with HOGScan points.

HOGScan can automaticly assign points to each event, so it is important to 1- have a HOGScan account so you can log in, and 2 RSVP to the event, whether it's a ride, volunteering for Brown's Island, or attending a Chapter meeting.

Once you RSVP to an event, a Primary Officer, Road Captain, or Activities Office can check you at the event.

You can add the HOGScan app to your phone, it's $.99 one time charge and allows you to check RSVP and check people in to events through the phone.

Since this is a new process, please ensure someone checks you in, at least until we get used to doing this new process. Most events are not too bad, but meeting may be a little hectic, please help us out.

This will eliminate and the paperwork that every so often goes missing.

The Webmaster has created 12 months of breakfast with the Director and Chapter meetings, but rides will have to be communicated to the Webmaster, primary officer, activities officer, or road captain so that they can be created.

If you are interested in becoming an activites officer or road captain talk to the webmaster and we will set you up with the permissions.  Just an FYI this is a serious position and we want people that will be somewhat diligent.  We will train you and set  you up for success.