Mileage Rewards

HOG Mileage Reward Policy effective Jan 1 2024


HOG Mileage Rewards
Mileage Standing Working Male Retired Male Female
1st Place $75 $75 $75
2nd and 3rd Place $50 $50 $50
4th -10th Place $25*

* 4th - 10th Place are at large, no break down of working/retired/female.

Very Important, you must get your mileage read in by a dealership, any dealership can do it.

We will pull the mileage from the National HOG website and update the infomation monthly

This is to encourage you to get your mileage read by the dealership

At the Christmas party we will award mileage awards from the table above, this will reward the

people who ride and participate in rides over someone who doesn't ride much.

This will give credibility to the mileage, get people used to getting mileage read in and will reward 

them from HOG for miles ridden.  It also improves the Chapter over all mileage.

Click here for instructions on how to get your mileage read and Ride 365