10 Rides for 24

10 for ’24 Ride Challenge Destinations

• Igloo City, Cantwell, AK • Mississippi Blues Trail, Tunica, MS • Little Bighorn National Monument, Crow Agency, MT • World’s Largest Pistachio, Alamogordo, NM • Loneliest Road in America, Fallon to Ely, NV • Woodstock Monument, Swan Lake, NY • Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, LaGrande to Baker City, OR • Fighting Seabee Statue, North Kingstown, RI • Dignity of Earth and Sky, Chamberlain, SD • Republic of Texas International Boundary Marker, Carthage, TX

These 10 Challenge Rides have been updated for the current year.

HOG will send you a poker chip with the ride challenge on it.

You can view and map the rides in Ride Planner.


1) You must take a picture of you with the cover of the HOG membership guide cover in front of the check point listed for that Challenge Ride.

I used the membership guide in binder cover sleeve  have both ride challenges in the same binder. 

The current year membership guide will work for all challenges and contains a ton of information about the new milage rewards, 10 for 24 locations, 50 Rides 1 Nation. I would highly recommend downloading and printing this guide, it is full of useful information.

2)  Upload the picture to HOG.com/Ride365. 

*You do not need your bike in the photo*

The picture below is from 2023 for the 40th Anniverery HOG sent out a poker chip and a challenge coin.

Only poker chips will be rewarded in 2024