The HD App for Your Phone

Add the HD app to you phone.

You should be able to find this in the Apple store or Google store.

It has numerous options and the list keeps growing.

1) You can record rides and save them

2) You can create rides in the ride planner ( - details on another page) and they will show up in your app

3) You can send the rides in the app to the bike, if you have that capibility and the GPS will direct you to the location

4) When you buy things form HD dealerships or online you get points for every dollar you spend, 100 points = $1

5) You can link to other people and/or groups

6) They have monthly challenges to ride x amount of miles and check in at x amount of dealerships, you can check in at different dealerships in 1 day just not the same one in the same day.  They usually last between 1 day to 60 days.  1 days events are usually holidays (New Years Day).  You will get a digital coin, it's not much but we have fun with it.

7) You can add multiple bikes to the app

8) Top Left is your profile that is where all the saved/downloaded/created rides are and you can send them to the bike from there

9) You profile is also where you can see your points acumlation

10) You can also add your HD Visa and get points when you use it

I would suggest play with the app to get to know it.  HD just started to upgrade the app last year and they are adding features all the time.