New Members Page

I'd like to welcome all new members.

This page will help you get started in the Chapter and maybe some tips and tricks for our seasoned members.

1) Every Dec 31 at midnight everyone is removed from all HOG chapters, Jan 1 you will have to rejoin and that requires signing a membership request form.

     Cost is $25/year but if you purchased a bike from Steel Horse the will give free membership for the 1st year.

2) We have a Facebook page: Request access and you will be added to the group

3) If you have not, go to and either log in or create an account.

4) Ride 365 offers all kinds of interesting perks, rides challenges, milage tracking.

      a) Every year get your milage read into Ride 365, it can be done at any dealership.  This will track your life time milage and well as your annual milage, which starts Jan1 each year and ends Dec 31.

         For all life time and annual milage HOG gives patches/digital and real badges that you can sew on your vest.  Annual milage also give $50 gift cards for 2500 miles and $100 gift cards for 10,000 mile achevements.